For more than half a century, Dainichi Chemical Industry Co., Ltd. has been developing fatty acid metal salts, so-called metal soaps, and fatty acid-based lubricating additives. Through continuous supports by our customers, we have become the leading company in a fatty acid chemical field.
We would like to build good relationships with companies all around the world and continue to manufacture high quality products. We appreciate your continuous supports and we are looking forward to new business with you.


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Business Activities

Manufacture and sales of metal soaps

・Manufacture and sales of long-chain fatty acid metal salts made from stearic, 12-hydroxystearic, and other fatty acids

Manufacture and sales of fatty acid-based functional additives

・Powder metallurgy lubricants
・Solid lubricants for wire drawing
・Lubricants for high-/super-engineering plastics

Contact manufacture

・Pulverizing and blending in compliance with user request
・Pulverizing and blending at low temperature