Jan,  1955:

Sugimoto Co., Ltd. (capital: 1 million JPY) was founded in Wakayama City and began selling dyeing materials in Kinki and Shikoku regions in Japan.

Apr,  1959:

Capital was increased to 3 million JPY.
Osaka business office was opened (1-15 Karamonop-Cho, Higashi-Ku, Osaka).
The company began selling wire drawing lubricants to about 100 companies in Japan, for example, Kobe Steel, Yawata Iron and Steel, Sumitomo Heavy Industries, Tokyo Rope Manufacturing, and Kawasaki Steel.

Aug,  1962:

Sugimoto Chemical Industries Co., Ltd. was founded in Uzu, Wakayama City and began manufacturing metal soaps, wire drawing lubricants, textiles in Kurusu, Wakayama City.

Nov,  1969:

Sugimoto Co., Ltd. and Sugimoto Chemical Industries Co., Ltd. was consolidated into Dainichi Chemical Industry Co., Ltd. Factory was located at 7-3-4 Nakaishikiri-Cho, Higashiosaka.

Apr,  1995:

Capital was increased to 10 million JPY.

Sept, 2000:

ISO 9001 certification was obtained.

Sept, 2002:

ISO 14001 certification was obtained.

Apr,  2006:

Dainichi Chemical Industry Co., Ltd. began selling EPL series products
(specified additives for engineering plastics).

Nov,  2014:

ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 were combined to Integrated Management System.

Feb,  2016:

A new plant was installed for functional lubricant manufacture.

Jul,  2017:

Has formed a business alliance (partnership) with FORMOSA ORGANIC CHEMICAL INDUSTRY CO.,LTD.

Sept, 2017:

Transition to the 2015 version of ISO 9001/14001

Business Activities

Manufacture and sale of metal soaps

・Manufacture of long-chain fatty acid metal salts made from stearic, 12-hydroxystearic,
 oleic and other fatty acids

Manufacture and sale of fatty acid-based functional lubricating additives

・Powder metallurgy lubricants
・Solid lubricants/agents for wire drawing
・Lubricants for high-/super-engineering plastics

Contract manufacturing services in compliance with user requests
   (synthesizing, pulverizing, blending and packing)

・Adjustment of metal content, particle size etc.
・Pulverizing and blending at low temperature
・Accept small quantity order